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Features of our company

Our strength is that we can respond to all needs and make proposals that lead to cost reductions by building a cooperative system with specialized companies in each process up to commercialization.

Customer’s voice

We would like to introduce the voices of customers who asked Aoyama Viet Nam Co., Ltd. for commercialization, which has the strength of being able to handle everything from design to prototyping, molds, molding, secondary processing, and assembly

Futek Co., Ltd. Mr. Takenaga

I want to make a facial device with a feminine form

Originally, we consulted on plastic coating, but we decided to ask for a total proposal from mold design to commercialization. We were aiming for an easy-to-use and light facial device designed for women. However, I am very satisfied with the finish as per the image.

Introduction of Futek Co., Ltd.

Futek plans, develops, and manufactures ODM (design with concept and product development) for facial equipment. In the Japanese domestic market, facial beauty devices and light epilators that are only sold at beauty salons have been highly evaluated from a professional’s point of view, and their designs that actively incorporate women’s sensibilities have also been well received. Recently, the beauty effect of Co2 has become a hot topic, but we were quick to incorporate it into our product technology and successfully commercialize it. It is picked up by each media.

Masanori Kirihara, product designer

I want you to realize the work you envision

When I was looking for a company that could handle handmade manufacturing, I learned about Aoyama Plastic Painting and decided to consult with them.

You can see that the company has knowledge and high technical skills in manufacturing, and here you can realize the work you envision! I decided to leave everything to you.

Masanori Kirihara, product designer

In 2008, he launched the interior brand “killy” with the concept of “creating a form that does not yet exist”.

In 2010, he launched a new brand, “QUILY WORKS & DESIGN,” which has been sold at apparel shops such as “BEAMS” and Herman Miller stores. A product designer who is gaining attention for expressing the duality of pop and elegance with a unique form that combines straight lines and curves and a unique texture created by laminating layers of wood, metal, and resin.

Manufacturing production flow (introduction of cooperating companies)

Introducing the professional companies that support the manufacturing of Aoyama Viet Nam Co., Ltd.

We have built a smooth production system in cooperation with our partner companies that have a proven track record in each process.

designDesignIllustration creation 3D data creation
Handmade model creation 2D data creation
Dawn of the IT era 3D design company

– Product Design Co., Ltd. - KIRIHARA Works & Design A.Z. Inc.a
San xuatTrial productionCross-media compatible
resin cutting agent processing professional

– Formula CO.,LTD - Nissei Kogyo
Mold makingMold makingTransparent specialized
24-hour operation Supports large and small lots
MoldingMoldingDesign and manufacture of plastic molds
Multi-facet processing
Secondary processingPlating processing

Painting in general

Painting in general
ASSY finished productWith the motto of securing excellent human resources

We are a group with cutting-edge technology that allows us to discuss global ideas without hurdles, so we can respond quickly to better manufacturing.