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Since I was a child, I grew up watching my father’s back, and I was educated without knowing the feeling that I should see and learn the site.

Based on the management philosophy of “floating but never sinking”, we will do our best at all times and work together to create a mutually satisfying path to success.

Technological innovation is always discovered on site, so I make a point of greeting all the staff when I arrive at the factory.

We aim to build a global manufacturing network and provide the best possible response to the latest projects 24 hours a day. I will push forward every day on a management path that I will never regret.

CEO Aoyama
Aoyama Munetsugu

A paint shop but not a paint shop

Management philosophy

When I was in the athletic yacht club when I was a student, I couldn’t control the natural environment, but by doing my best at that time, I was a little ahead of other yachts, predicting the shift of the wind and assembling the whole race. The importance of tactics and strategies that I learned there is the foundation of my management.

Company Profile

Mã số thuế:1101403085
Địa chỉ3 Hamlet, Long Cang Commune, Can Duoc District, Long An province, Vietnam
RepresentativeMr. Aoyama Munetsugu
TEL+84 272 3 726 273
Number of employees50 people
Year of establishment2011
Capital100 000 USD
Site area1.000 m2
Building area1.500 m2

Map (Factory)

3 Hamlet, Long Cang Commune, Can Duoc District, Long An province, Vietnam