Characterized by active recruitment of foreign personnel

We currently have employees from the Japan working hard at our company.

We believe that it is important to understand culture and history even a little, so when we adopt the attitude of the host side, we first visit the country and check what kind of country it is.

At the interview, we confirm the job seeker’s purpose of work and exchange opinions on what we can do for them, so the turnover rate due to mismatch after hiring is low.

Efforts that allow you to understand the range of possible support such as the cost of attending a Vietnamese language school, travel expenses, and initial housing expenses, and the work content in the video are popular.


Desired figure

Our company, which entered Vietnam in 2011, is expanding its business area from conventional plastic coating, vaccum plating. At present, we have established a system of cooperating companies, and have stepped up to a company that can handle the upstream processes of product development, such as design, prototyping, and mold manufacturing. Under President Aoyama, we will continue to take on challenges with an eye to the future. This time, we had a meeting in the company to recruit new friends.

What do you ask and expect from your co-workers?

There were various opinions, but overall, the key words were (1) honesty, (2) willingness to grow, and (3) cooperativeness. Because we are multinational, sometimes it is difficult to communicate. In the field of manufacturing, there are many things that fail and unexpected things happen. What matters is whether you enjoy it. I would like you to use it as a sustenance that leads to the next growth. Academic background, work experience, and of course nationality does not matter. If you are even slightly interested, please come and visit our company.

Message from the hiring manager

I am Aoyama Munetsugu, the person in charge of hiring and managing director. I saw data from a survey conducted on a major job site for women that said that about 90% of women want to work until retirement and for the rest of their lives.

We would like to actively work on creating an environment where working mothers can work for a long time and on appointing women to managerial positions. I am excited to have more friends to work with in this recruitment activity.


Results of Activities

Management plan presentation

Remote training


We share the future of the company at the management plan presentation held once a year. We also hold technical training and quality meetings to improve quality.

  • Participation in business meetings twice a year
  • Online training held jointly by Japan and Vietnam
  • Management plan presentation once a year
  • Technical training Equipment maintenance methods Irregular
  • In-house quality meeting Irregular


Application Requirements

Employment statusfull-time employee
Employment periodNothing
Content of work
Required qualifications, etc.
Technical sales position
It is a job to explore customer issues and problem solutions through products and make technical proposals. Operation support for mass production from hardware to circuit board and electronic parts assembly.
Required qualificationDepending on the case
Overseas transferCan be
Working hours8:00-17:00 (8 hours/day)
overtime workYes (average 20 hours per month)
deemed overtimeUp to 20 hours per month
holidayEvery other Saturday (the end of Month)/Sunday/Holiday
basic salaryMonthly salary system (negotiable, considering experience and age)
Wage cut-off date31th of every month
wage payment date10th of every month
Commuting allowanceYes (maximum 20,000,000VND)
salary increaseIrregular
bonusDepends on performance
Health insurancecan be
Welfare pensioncan be
Employment insurancecan be
  • Email and postal mail accepted
  • Training period is 3 months


Application entry form

If you would like to join the company, please fill in the necessary information and apply. ( * Required entries)

The person in charge will contact you by e-mail at a later date regarding the selection method, etc. If you do not receive an e-mail from us, please contact us.

If you would like to send your resume, please send it to the address below.

Aoyama Viet Nam Co., Ltd. To the person in charge of recruitment