07 Beauty equipment (PLASMA Beaute)

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We received a request to produce hand-held anti-aging care and home beauty treatment tools in order to maintain youthful skin forever.

Material ABS resin, PC resin, SUS resin, printed circuit board, cable
Painting Under Two-liquid type urethane
Top Two-liquid type urethane
Printing Pad printing, two-liquid type urethane
Working process Design design, mold design, parts procurement, molding, painting, printing

We received a request to make a handy facial device with feminine curves inspired by flowers (the color of the lily family). We decided on the hardware specifications while discussing the ease of holding, image color, etc.

We were able to respond to problems, corrections, and modifications during assembly because we started from the design stage.

Client | Clarus Co., Ltd.
Clarus is engaged in a wide range of beauty equipment planning, development, manufacturing, ODM (design with concept and product development) OEM, etc.
We are a group with cutting-edge technology that allows us to discuss global ideas without hurdles, so we can respond quickly to better manufacturing.
In the painting line, we have facilities and systems that meet all needs, from small lots to large lots, from small to large items, and from UV, water-based, and one-component/two-component types.
In addition to plastic coating, we support a consistent production system from design and mold production to completion.


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