05 Laser cut (in-vehicle and home appliance parts)

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We have received cases where the printing can be seen even in the dark.

*It can be recognized even in the dark by attaching a light source such as an LED from the back side.

Material PC resin
Painting Undercoat Two-liquid type urethane
Top Two-liquid type urethane
Working process Painting ⇒ (Painting) ⇒ Laser processing

Partial delamination of the painted product with a laser (white paint left or material color left). It is a product that makes use of know-how such as data editing that considers not only clear lines, but also colors and unevenness in drawing.

*Since the Vietnam factory has similar equipment, it is possible to respond.

Client | Tier 1 and Tier 2 Manufacturers

Since it is created with data, the initial cost is suppressed, and even a small lot can be handled, and there is no deterioration of the printing plate and ink in normal printing (screen or pad).

We are a group with cutting-edge technology that allows us to discuss global ideas without hurdles, so we can respond quickly to better manufacturing.
In the painting line, we have facilities and systems that meet all needs, from small lots to large lots, from small to large items, and from UV, water-based, and one-component/two-component types.
In addition to plastic coating, we support a consistent production system from design and mold production to completion.