20 Mobile phone charger (THE DOCK)

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Mr. Kirihara, a product designer who launched the new brand “QUILY” in 2010 and sells products at apparel shops “BEAMS” and Herman Miller stores, consulted us.

material ABS resin, urethane resin, aluminum, cable
WOOD (Walnut, Zebrawood)
Painting Two-liquid type urethane
Working process Design, molds, parts procurement, molding, assembly, packaging, customer delivery

The challenge was to mass-produce rather than hand-make the duality of pop and elegance created by the creative form that combines straight lines and curves, and the unique texture that is woven by layers of wood, metal, and resin.

We designed the product for mass production, and made straight lines and curves by machining three different materials at the same time.

Among them, the biggest issue was that there was no cutting condition at the manufacturer because there was no product on the market that cuts three different materials at the same time. Therefore, we purchased a new machining center, selected the optimum cutting conditions and materials in-house, and made mass production possible.

We plan, design, design, manufacture, and sell various products, mainly interior goods and household goods. Under the original brand “QUILY WORKS&DESIGN”, we are developing products based on the concept of “giving shape to things that do not yet exist and should exist”.
We are a group with cutting-edge technology that allows us to discuss global ideas without hurdles, so we can respond quickly to better manufacturing.
In the painting line, we have facilities and systems that meet all needs, from small lots to large lots, from small to large items, and from UV, water-based, and one-component/two-component types.
In addition to plastic coating, we support a consistent production system from design and mold production to completion.


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