17 In-vehicle panel (piano black navigation)

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We received a request to produce in-vehicle panels from an overseas manufacturer in Japan.

Material ABS resin + PC resin
Painting Under two-part type urethane
Top two-part type urethane*Painted piano black specification
Working process Painting

The issue with piano black painting on ABS+PC materials is leveling the surface upon completion of painting, taking into account the density of the material surface and the dissolving power of the paint. We adopted specifications tailored to this product by establishing conventional molding conditions, paint selection, and painting process.

Client | M-ART CO. ,LTD
“M Art Co., Ltd.” can handle everything from planning to production and shipping of various products. In addition, we have an office in China and can manufacture and import products at overseas factories, so our strengths are cost competition and quality.
We are a group with cutting-edge technology that allows us to discuss global ideas without hurdles, so we can respond quickly to better manufacturing.
In the painting line, we have facilities and systems that meet all needs, from small lots to large lots, from small to large items, and from UV, water-based, and one-component/two-component types.
In addition to plastic coating, we support a consistent production system from design and mold production to completion.


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