13 Manual painted on motor vehicle spare parts

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Manual painted for spare parts in motor vehicles. Modern paint technology with durability of finished products. Painting services for manufacturing companies. Various paint colors according to the needs of customers.

Aoyama has both manual paint lines and automatic painting robots, which can meet all quantities from small to large, and the size of components to be painted from small to large.

Metal products will be protected against the effects of the environment, increasing the aesthetics of the product.

We are a group with cutting-edge technology that allows us to discuss global ideas without hurdles, so we can respond quickly to better manufacturing.
In the painting line, we have facilities and systems that meet all needs, from small lots to large lots, from small to large items, and from UV, water-based, and one-component/two-component types.
In addition to plastic coating, we support a consistent production system from design and mold production to completion.


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